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american muslim to serve in the u.s. house, followed by two men who related their accounts of family members recruited by islamic radicals. >> one-quarter of mortgages are under water this morning. a fit of all of our wealth was quite out. you cannot draw on that farm policy, given the financial realities. >> john hulsman advises governments and businesses about the political risks of the world today and tomorrow. this sunday, his insight on the intersection of farm policy and money. now, microsoft chairman bill gates talks about his philanthropic organization, the bill and melinda gates foundation. his career at microsoft as well as education and global health care. this took place at the economic club of washington, d.c. and is about an hour. >> we are very pleased and honored tonight to have bill gates as our special guest. as i said at the outset, this is in the 25 years of the club, the biggest turnout we have ever had. i don't think it is because the interviewer skills were so great. i think it's because everybody wanted to hear bill gates. i think the reason is because of his
to the notice. the only people in title to the notice are those protected by u.s. law and the u.s. constitution, namely domestic entities. u.s. persons, there have been one or two u.s. persons, and organizations that have a physical presence or assets here, which is probably a handful. the vast majority of these groups have no presence, no property, no rights, and therefore ruling in this case that we are due process applies , one must provide notice. it would not burden the gut -- the government and would provide for fair process. >> the case will be submitted for decision. thank you both for your excellent presentation. i realize we had to make some changes to the schedule for logistical reasons and i appreciate your accommodation of that, too. we will take a 10 minute recess and then return. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> now, microsoft chairman bill gates talks about his philanthropic organization called the bill and melinda gates foundation. his career at microsoft, as well as education and global healthca
nation and the drafting of the u.s. constitution. he has been rather an editor of 18 books and earned a pulitzer prize. [applause] >> i think it is entirely appropriate for all of us to stand and give a warm congratulations to the recipients. not the recipients, you don't have to stand. [applause] congratulations to all the recipients. we are going to take some quick pictures with them, and then usually we have a party around here. our marine band is a very good, and the food is pretty good around here, to pre enjoy yourselves, and helped -- thanks for helping celebrate with these extraordinary men and women of the arts. thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] ♪ ♪ >> next, the national annual press foundation awards dinner. from the weekly dress is by president obama and tennessee represented diane black. then a portrait unveiling for former senate majority leader bill frist. tomorrow on "washington journal," frank luntz talks about his book. randi weingarten talks about collective bargaining and t
is in decline is critical that u.s. ford, and national security is part of our greater debate. we have no one better to discuss these issues than our next speaker. a big welcome to ambassador john boldin. -- john golsonbolton. [cheers and applause] >> thank you very much. thanks to all of you for staying all day and having patience and being here. i want to thank steve king for the wonderful opportunity to join you today because i think this is been a fantastic event. you have heard from a lot of fascinating speakers. i would like to turn the discussion a little bit to national security. i am acutely aware that we are the only thing standing between you and a well-deserved reception and dinner. the subject of national security is one that is absolutely critical as we look towards 2012. the political commentary likes to say that they don't see how foreign policy affects their lives. obviously it has direct tangible impact on our independence, our freedom, and peace and security. peace and security through protecting ourselves against international terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of
are affecting u.s. citizens. they are entities outside of the country that are obtaining money inappropriately from consumers from the kinds of scams we are talking about this morning. we have full jurisdiction to go after them. we also want to work with partners in other countries, whether they are seeking information about u.s. players affecting their citizens or whether we need their help to go after the people out of the country affecting u.s. citizens. we recently brought a case involving privacy issues with respect to a company that was here in the united states that was affecting united kingdom consumers. we have a pretty good track record of dealing with international issues. it is a huge problem. i am sure there are many people that would lock -- would like to do more. i think the tools that we need to start that kind of activity should be put in place, especially with this act. little bit more hampered because we do not have those relations with international affairs that words very hard in this area. a.g do not have that luxury. we need more tools to deal with things on the internat
earlier today about military action by the u.s. and its allies against the forces of libyan leader muammar gaddafi. earlier today, libyan government troops attacked the rebel capital in violation of a un cease-fire resolute -- resolution. she made these remarks in paris at a summit of leaders gathered to address the ongoing violence in the country. this is about 25 minutes. >> hello. before we begin, i want to sell a few words about warren christopher. he was a friend, and mentor, and truly a diplomat's diplomat. he served our country with such great distinction in so many capacities over his long and very productive life. there are a lot of days in this job when i asked myself, what would warren do? from the balkans to the middle east, china, and vietnam, he helped guide the united states through difficult challenges with tremendous grace and wisdom. my thoughts and prayers are with his family and with his many, many friends and colleagues throughout our country and around the world. now, this has been a quick but predict if -- productive trip. first, let's remember how we got here. as yo
that these industries are newly emerging in many cases. but the u.s. department of labor women's bureau has done a great job of the putting information on its website. that is emerging industries, it presents us with a new opportunity to not to make the same mistakes all over again about leaving women out of high- paying, high-quality job opportunities. here is a very important issue that think we all need to pay attention to it. >> nicole mason, if she could stand up. her group produced a report that dealt with that issue is initially. p.m.,re coming up on 1:30 and we want to once again thank you for leading the charge on this. an amazing report. i open my remarks by failing to in knowledge the person who really was responsible for bringing us together. the president, i have to say, his vision and his commitment to women and children, and it is infused throughout the administration. that is how we got here today. i am so proud of him and i think all of our panelists and our host. the center for american progress for hosting this year, and for all the good work that you do every day in promoting a robus
and unions and has been called one of the most important cases in u.s. history. they produce 17 politically acclaimed documentaries including "ronald reagan -- rendezvous with destiny" and "rediscovering god and ameritech," with newt gingrich, screened here last night. please welcome david. [applause] this morning, we will hear we will hear five-seven minutes of remarks from each of our panelists, and then move to questions. first i would like to welcome marilyn. >> hello. i'm here to talk to you about a topic he may not think about liberty and taxation. wait a second. that seems like an oxymoron, right? under current tax system, it is absolutely true. i am here to challenge you today -- who should control your life for the mark should be the government using the tax code to decide what kind of clout for you do or do not buy? or are you in charge of your own life? i am here to talk to you about the fairtax bill. h.r. 25, it will give you control of your own life back. but say it passes today. what would be the first thing you would notice? in your paycheck, you would find it is a lot bigger
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8